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Virtual reality (VR) technology is typically associated with gaming and entertainment, but in recent years this tech is increasingly becoming incorporated into the modern workplace. Forward-looking companies are realizing the value of VR when it comes to hiring and training the twenty-first-century workforce.

A new generation is entering the job market, made up of young people who have grown up playing high-tech video games and utilizing increasingly complex smartphones. These job seekers will likely be turned off by paper applications and extensive onsite training programs. The traditional hiring and training process is a big investment of time and energy, especially for someone who may be unsure about their preferred career. 

VR technology offers a fun, low-risk way for job-seekers to try out a position by engaging with a simulated workplace like the one they might be applying for. It also provides an opportunity for recruiters to screen job candidates to seek out new talent. Companies like USG Corp (which makes construction materials) and multinational conglomerate GE are utilizing VR technology at career fairs, conventions, and anywhere else young talent may congregate. These displays are a big attraction, often drawing long lines of eager participants.

When it comes to training employees, VR technology can streamline the process. Virtual training is more engaging and less expensive than traditional methods. Best of all, it drastically minimizes risk by providing a consequence-free environment in which to try out new skills. This is particularly beneficial for surgeons, astronauts, and commercial drivers. Trainees are free to make as many mistakes as it takes to master a skill or technique, without any risk to safety or equipment.

As the workforce continues to adapt to new technology, more companies are likely to get on board with VR during the hiring and training process. The old-fashioned ways of recruiting and training applicants may soon be a thing of the past.

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