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Businesses must acquire the best talent for their available career opportunities by looking outside the box for the appropriate candidate. It is no longer sufficient to place a help wanted ad in the local newspaper or merely post the job online. Finding the right fit for available positions is an extensive, time-consuming undertaking. Reaching out to resources such as workforce strategy providers enables you to stay current with winning methods to recruit the best employees. The following are just a few of the recruitment options to consider.

Social Media

Review the LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media profiles of a prospective employee. Use your company’s social media platform to engage with potential candidates that are not presently in the market for a job to form relationships. Promote your company by posting interesting facts about your business and include testimonials from current employees.

Mobile Applications   

Dr. John Sullivan, a Silicon Valley-based author and HR expert, said that more than 43% of job seekers use their mobile phones in their job searches. Using mobile resources to enable prospective employees to do video interviews, schedule a meeting, accept a job offer, etc. on their mobile device is a valuable resource. 


Reach out to current employees for leads on new hires. They already know the in’s and out’s of your company and the qualifications of the prospect which increases the potential for a better fit for the position. Offer a referral bonus as an incentive for your employees.

Consider Off-Site Employees

If the employment opportunity is capable of being performed off-site, consider hiring remote staff members. Remote workers expand the talent pool of employees by allowing your business to search outside of the area of the company’s location.

Nextaff can work directly with your organization to help you acquire the talented workers that you need allowing you to focus on the day-to-day operations of your business. Contact us today for more information.