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If you take a look at the way hiring works today compared to twenty years ago, the professional candidate has all the power. Companies scramble to provide the best benefits packages, and the most appealing work environment. Companies are competing against each other to find the most skilled professionals just to meet their hiring needs. It may look like today’s job seekers can get any job they want without the help of traditional staffing and recruitment professionals. If you thought that though, you’d be wrong.

Candidates Seeking Jobs Alone

The fact of the matter is that most professionals, while highly sought after, are not actually experts at getting themselves the best job for their skills and lifestyle. They are experts at things like computer programming, team management, or content marketing. But being a great graphic artist or a top-talent bookkeeper does not make them great at finding the right job, writing resumes and cover letters, or even assessing which employers have the best hiring package. 

This is why there is still such an important place in the world for staffing businesses. Without staffing franchises, there would be no one to help these professionals actually make the most of the candidate’s hiring market we are now in called the ‘War for Talent’. Here are the primary things your staffing franchise could do for candidates.

What Staffing Businesses Do for Job-Seekers:

Refine Their Resume and Resume Skills

The first thing you can do for almost any job-seeking professional is help them properly represent their own skills. Not everyone is born knowing how to construct a great resume. Some of the most skilled and experienced professionals in the business don’t know how to represent their value in a resume in a way that will make them stand out to hiring managers. But you can.

As a staffing franchise owner, you can make sure the candidates who are seeking jobs through you are always represented by a well-constructed and flattering resume. You will also be teaching your clients how to improve their own resumes in the future for a more successful job search.

Practice and Review Cover letters

Cover letters are another special skill. Many people who can write a decent resume still come off as confused or unprofessional when they try to write an impressive cover letter. Far too many of us simply come off as though we are writing a fill-in-the-blank-paper. A great cover letter is both personal and professional. It includes why the candidate is interested in the company, and it shows off a bit of their familiarity with the industry.

It takes both skill and confidence to write a great cover letter.  You can help modern professionals, who are angling for a great job, write a cover letter that will get them noticed. This can be done by harnessing their passion for the job, connecting with the future employer, and reviewing for typos.

Polish Interview Skills

There are highly skilled professionals who always seem to struggle during the interview stage. A great employer will see through interview nerves and know how to draw out expertise from the most nervous candidate. However, you can’t guarantee that your candidates will always get a great interviewer. 

You could have the opportunity to help candidates understand an interviewer’s goals, and go through practice interviews to help them remain calm and represent themselves more professionally. You can refine their interview wardrobe, mannerisms, small-talking skills, and their ability to comfortably talk about themselves while sitting in front of what could be a future boss.

Pin Down Job Search Details

Another great value that modern hiring franchises offer to job-seekers is helping them find the ideal work environment. With the huge variety of benefits packages and company cultures, it’s time for every job-seeker to think carefully about the working lifestyle they really want. Ask your candidates which benefits are the most important to them, and what would make them happy. You can then connect them with ‘dream job’ opportunities that go along with what they would love most about a new employer.

Connect With Ideal Potential Employers

And finally, even in the War for Talent, the modern candidate cannot always find the best jobs available to them in the industry. Sometimes job board searches and recommendations from friends fall through, and candidates do not hear about (or recognize) their dream job when it’s open during their job search. You, as a staffing business owner, will be more than aware when clients and candidates match perfectly.

After understanding what your business clients want and conducting in-depth interviews with your professional job-seekers, a staffing business could have the unique opportunity to match great positions with the perfect candidate. There probably is not a better feeling than knowing you’ve done everyone a huge favor that might result in years of happiness and productivity in the future.

So what can a staffing franchise do for modern professionals in the age of the job seeker? As it turns out, an awful lot. Contact us today to find out more about starting your own staffing franchise!