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Employers today are looking for well rounded people. They want to know that their employees are socially conscious and have interests other than work. Often time employers will ask, “What do you like to do outside of work?” While this question seems like it is just there to fill time, it is actually very important and tells your possible future employer a lot about you and your personality. 


Employers like to see that their employees regularly volunteer their time to the community. This demonstrates that they are willing to help others. While the type of volunteer activities could vary, ones that showcase your skills demonstrate that you readily apply your skills in a variety of situations, you like to take on new challenges and are ready to make yourself part of community. 


Interviewers often ask, “What is the last book you read?” or “What do you like to read for fun?” Be honest with your answer. While interviewers like to see that you are keeping on your industry, if you truly like to read fiction novels, that’s okay. Be sure to explain what appeals to you about the genre you prefer like historical fiction brings in your love of history and how the author uses the setting to set the tone of the book or how science fiction helps you imagine what a futuristic world would entail. In both of these situations, you are showing how the creative portion of your brain likes to be engaged.

Physical Activity

Keeping physically active helps to keep you mind sharp and engaged while of course, keeping your body fit. If you like to play team sports, let your employer know. Who knows? There may be a softball or kickball team waiting for you. Employers are interested in finding people who make time for both their work and play. 

Before you go into your next interview, think about the topics that many employers might ask you outside of those pertaining to the actual requirements of the position. What you do outside of work makes you unique and helps you stand out from the crowd. Contact us for more information. 

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