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While you’re looking for a job, you have to focus on so many aspects. Is your resume perfect? Will you ace the interview? But you may be overlooking one very important aspect of the process. Have you considered your reference list? The people you include on your list of reference, which is provided to a potential employer once they’re looking to make a decision, is critical. You need to pick just the right professionals for the hiring manager to speak with. Here is a list of the people you should add to your list of references.  

Your Former Boss 

The top of the list for your references should be a former boss. Depending on the company dynamics or your relationships with higherlevel managers, this could be the business owner or your manager or direct supervisor. This person will be able to provide potential new employers with valuable insight into your ability to work. Of course, as with all of these people, only provide names of individuals you trust and continue to speak with.  

A Trusted Coworker 

Statistics show that many people leave jobs because they do not like their manager, but that doesn’t mean your experience at that company needs to be left off of your reference sheet. Do you have a good relationship with a former coworker? If you worked closely together, that person may also be able to give some great feedback about your performance.  

A Teacher or Professor 

For job seekers who may be fresh out of school, a teacher or professor might be a great choice for a reference. If you had an educator who was a trusted source of information, helped you as a mentor, and provided you additional resources while you were in school, they would be worth adding as a reference for your job search.  

A Volunteer Coordinator 

One place people seem to overlook when considering references is volunteer work. When you volunteer, you have to work closely with a diverse group of people and this is great information. Capitalize on that and use your volunteer coordinator as a trusted reference.  

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