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“Here we go again,” you think as another worker submits their resignation. And this one only lasted three weeks!   

Why is it that the most promising prospects end up being the ones that don’t work out? The answer could be that you are looking at them all wrong. A savvy dresser doesn’t necessarily equate to a good worker, and those who know the industry may not have the drive it takes to succeed. So how can you be sure you are hiring quality talent?    

According to Jay Janovics, “Effective selection of new employees begins with consistent use of a competency-based assessment process.” 

Using a multi-step screening process will eliminate lower quality individuals from your hiring pool from the get-go. This surpasses the methods from the past. Here’s what the process looks like:  

First, you would develop a customized assessment that each applicant must complete (these can be modeled after your best worker.)  It is possible, in this way, to eliminate those candidates who are most likely to step down because the job doesn’t meet their expectations. You can include personality traits as well as cognitive function questions to ensure a great fit. Next, those who pass the assessment phase are screened via phone and finally with a structured interview. 

To learn more about how to hire quality talent, download our free whitepaper on Perfecting the Perfect Hire or feel free to contact us with any questions.