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Recently, we found a new piece published in the Harvard Business Review. Essentially, the authors asserted how companies that previously failed in their digital strategy could improve by better positioning themselves as intermediaries of transactions in their supply chain. We loved this perspective because it demonstrates how a staffing franchise opportunity enables a business professional like you to focus on many types of relationships. For example, you could choose to specialize more in helping employers to tailor their job descriptions to specific opportunities or you could choose to specialize in recruiting candidates who want to change careers that will use their transferable skills.

Think About Where the Staffing Franchise Owner Will Operate

There are many types of transactions that occur between a staffing agency franchise owner and its suppliers and between a staffing franchise company and its consumers. In this case, we think of the employers as suppliers of positions to fill and we think of the jobseekers as consumers who want those positions. If you want to start a staffing franchise, then you will need to be strategic about how your firm facilitates these kinds of transactions. Your strategy will need to change as fast as the ways people communicate online and over mobile networks change. At this point, you’re wondering what this discussion has to do with staffing firms, but the reality is more and more of what franchise owners and their employees do daily takes place online and via mobile platforms. If you decide to start a staffing agency franchise, you must also consider how to best facilitate transactions with employers as well as transactions with recruits. 

Do You Have What It Takes?

We don’t mean to suggest that your position as an intermediary of transactions between employers and candidates should scare you. With the franchisor’s help, it’s easy to set up a cloud-based server and a platform that enables you to post vacancies and help jobseekers to search for jobs. The key ingredient is a modern content management system (CMS) that accommodates users on different kinds of portable devices. When you establish a staffing franchise, you receive the tools to start with an established business model. The strategic mindset comes into play when you want to become more aggressive in tailoring services to your customers and suppliers. We encourage you to ask yourself if you have what it takes to run this kind of challenging business, which is built on the idea that people will continue to need different types of employment to fit their dynamic lifestyles. 

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