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It’s 2017, and it’s quite possible that you’ve already established a staffing franchise or considered going into the business for the first time. Of course, you are eager to test your recruitment skills. No matter how deep your HR knowledge is, you must stay abreast of current staffing trends and make meaningful connections with recruits. A staffing franchise relies on a regular volume of job placements. Here, we consider why it’s important to reinvent yourself as a staffing franchise owner this year: 

Looking Back

In 2017, the world is changing. There’s a new President in the Oval Office. The housing market is growing and businesses are expanding more, meaning that people are finding career mobility to be more of an option. It’s really a matter of whether they want to keep stability or to grow personally from a change in employment. There is also lower unemployment and a trend in many industries towards more flexible workforces (like Uber). For job seekers, this means that they can find new opportunities in the same region by using a staffing agency. These changes in the world of employment make it more crucial for agencies to readily deliver qualified individuals on an as-needed basis. What’s more, the importance of matching individuals to specific employers will become more critical as more manual jobs continue to be eliminated by artificial intelligence and automation.

The Business Cycle is Key

A new year represents the beginning of another business cycle. It used to be that companies could use management and recruitment trends from the past to inform their present strategies. They could also use their company’s best practices to achieve the next year’s goals. Since the employment needs of many industries have changed at a rapid pace, the owner of a staffing franchise will need to adapt her strategy to remain current. There will be more consumer demands, whether they are coming from the employer side or employee side of the business. For example, a franchise owner might have to change up his daily approach to job placements. It could be time to adopt a different software platform or to start using Snapchat for interviews.


A Flexible Mindset

A staffing agency owner or founder who wants to succeed in this kind of employment environment can benefit from a more flexible mindset. She will have to be willing to talk more frankly with employers about their staffing needs and to advertise jobs in new ways. She will have to trust the decision-making process of her recruitment software and find more time for updating job descriptions with qualifications that fit the current business environment. She will require more time to interview candidates who scored the highest on online assessments and other screening tools. This is in part because the applicant matching process is getting shorter. In the near future, she will make hiring decisions based on more accurate suggestions from the recruitment software.  

We want to help you grow as a staffing franchise owner and realize your goals for 2017. For more details on why franchise owners should reinvent themselves in the new year for greater rewards, please contact us today.