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There are literally thousands of options for entrepreneurs when it comes to starting a business, making it difficult to know which one is the right choice. Whether starting a business independently or a franchise opportunity, this is a large investment and commitment that needs careful consideration. In an effort to help clarify the options, let’s examine this topic more by asking the question: why start a staffing franchise in 2017?

Franchise vs. Independent

Starting a business in today’s modern world sometimes means starting a tech startup and, simply, having a website or mobile app, yet the majority of businesses still utilize the brick and mortar storefront or office. Obviously, the Internet plays a large part in marketing and sales for nearly all businesses today, yet when deciding between a franchise or independent business, both of these entail a physical storefront or service, such as:

    • Restaurants

    • Auto Part Stores

    • Food Retailers

    • Business Services

    • Accommodations

    • Coffee Stands

    • Fitness Gyms

    • Cleaning Services

    • and many more

The main benefits of starting a business independently are: typically, lower initial costs and independence in operations. The main benefits of starting a franchise are: working from an established template, brand recognition, corporate support, training, established operating systems, and marketing support.

The cost and complexities of each type of business will play a major role in the decision, as will the entrepreneur’s level of expertise and commitment. When starting independently, the owner has the burden of managing every aspect of the business from scratch, while the franchise owner can simply follow an established system and focus on the numbers.

Benefits of Starting a Staffing Franchise

One of the biggest benefits of starting a staffing franchise is typically the lower initial cost to get started; with the initial fees and the first 3 months of operation, a Nextaff staffing franchise will cost $60k to $135k. This in contrast to full service restaurant franchises costing $750k to $3m, according to Franchising.com, or $200k to $300k for auto repair and maintenance franchises.

Another benefit of starting a staffing franchise vs. independent staffing agency is utilizing a nationwide network of support. Networking is a key aspect of what a staffing agency does, so tapping into an already established network helps with attaining: contacts, employees, and employers.

More and more employers are outsourcing their HR departments, and candidates are increasingly turning to staffing agencies to help them facilitate job connections in a complex digital environment. The staffing industry is projected to keep growing, yet staffing agencies remain viable even in economic downturns.

The working environment in a staffing franchise is clean and simple, compared to dealing with: kitchens, food, large machines, being in peoples’ houses, etc. This is a good opportunity for business minded entrepreneurs who want to work in an office environment from their desks with: computers, mobile devices, and other office equipment.


We can see how well the franchise industry is doing from an article on CNBC called: “The franchise industry has gotten more good news”, written on March 15, 2016 by Kate Rogers,

“Bolstered by trends including acceleration in business spending, the franchise industry is set to grow by 1.7 percent in 2016, according to the study by the International Franchise Association…The 1.7 percent growth forecast for this year will bring the total number of U.S. franchises to 795,932.”

Franchising and the staffing industry are both doing well and have projected growth trends, which makes investing into a staffing franchise that much more enticing in 2017. In addition: the lower costs to get started, the nationwide networking support, and the benefits gained with an established system in place, all make starting a staffing franchise a good choice for entrepreneurs. 

Please contact us today if interested in learning more about Nextaff’s staffing franchise opportunity.