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During a session at the International Franchise Expo held in New York last year, several female franchisees and franchisors shared insights and tips on how they established themselves in the Franchise Industry. During this time, they also pointed out that “Franchising is not a business opportunity for men alone now”, and how more franchise owners today are women. They are using their communication and people skills along with their strong work ethics to make a difference in this industry. Last year, Bizwomen, an online journal geared towards women entrepreneurs, reported that nationally, women-owned franchises have increased 45 percent from 2007 to 2016. Why are more women looking to franchising and why is the Staffing Franchise Industry such a perfect fit?

Women Impact Communities

Cultivating and nurturing women has been important in the franchising community for many years. In 1996, the International Franchise Association (IFA) who sponsors this expo each year, proved this by forming the Women’s Franchise Committee or (WFC). They realized that women are excellent at managing and building relationships, while also possessing the communication skills needed as an established business leader. This includes whether the communication is between a boss and an employee, or between a business owner and a client. These are necessary traits for a growing franchise business operation and particularly important as a staffing agency owner. 

Women also impact their local communities because they get involved and they really care. By being a business owner and providing a staffing service, they can give back to the community by opening up job opportunities there. Another reason that makes women a perfect fit for the Staffing Franchise Industry is because of the training, camaraderie and support they receive from the partners in their recruiting network. This is appealing to them because these organizations regularly provide mentoring programs, workshops and seminars to help their businesses grow. How important is this when you can call another recruitment agency owner for advice particularly when your staffing service is abuzz with lots of activity in the morning?

Rewarding Characteristics and Traits

Psychology Today has a unique Franchisee self-test that evaluates how well your personality and attitudes fit the ideal franchisee profile. There are no right and wrong answers here when it comes to personality. It just gives you an idea if you match certain characteristics and traits of other people in the Franchise Industry. Small Business Trends, an award-winning online publication for small business owners and entrepreneurs, tells us that when it comes right down to it, there are 3 important qualities that will help you run a great business.

  1. Passion – this is about perseverance, working towards a future and never giving up.
  2. Vision – this is about trusting yourself and knowing you have great ideas for the future.
  3. Flexibility – this is about how your quick thinking and problem solving skills will help you grow.

Many women today are already detail-oriented, organized and efficient. This means you can change courses when needed and think quickly on your feet. In this way, you make faster and smarter business decisions. These traits are invaluable especially when owning and operating a franchise. Also, remember that you have people who believe in you. The Small Business Administration has the largest array of small business resources, especially for female entrepreneurs, to help you get started. These loans are guaranteed by the government which means you can get great financing options, low-rates and long-term financing. They want to help you grow.

At Nextaff, we are also right there with you and give you a built-in community of support and partnership through our Franchise program. We help open the door to more business opportunities. Everyone works together to lift you up and also help celebrate your growth. Our core belief is that “The greatest power in any business is people power… and the thing that will determine how well you do in your business, is the effort and dedication of the people who make up your business “team”. This is where drive and determination truly come together. Sign up for free information and downloads about the staffing industry and more about the Nextaff staffing franchise.