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Are you looking for a medical job? While there is a great need for medical professionals, it never hurts to know what avenues companies are tapping into to make their hiring decisions. One of the most popular ways employers use to find top medical talent is through a staffing agency. Have you considered applying with a staffing service to help you find your next job? And can a staffing agency give you opportunities to advance your career? Here are the biggest reasons you should consider working with a staffing firm to advance your medical career.  

Flexible Schedules 

Working short term healthcare roles can give you several benefits, including a flexible schedule. You’ll be able to pick up shifts when you want to work. Temporary work, especially in a healthcare environment, is perfect for those who want to have some control over when they work.  

Higher Pay 

Many shorterterm healthcare positions have higher pay rates than on-staff roles. The actual pay rate will depend on several factors, including how in-demand your specialization is, but you can discuss the options with a recruiter to help you better understand the available option and pay rates.  


Not all staffing services offer benefits to their short-term workers, but those that do will give you the flexibility you need along with the peace of mind. That’s what can help an agency stand out from a crowd. Look for an organization that makes you the priority.  

Work as Part of a Team 

When you work with Nextaff healthcare temp agency in Detroit, you are part of our team. We want to ensure that you have the best experience in the community and will work with you and other healthcare professionals to have all the tools you need to thrive.  

Can a recruiter help you find your next healthcare job? Contact Nextaff Temp Agency in Detroit to see what we’re working on today.  

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