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Most people go into their interviews blind. It’s not that you don’t know anything about the candidate at all, but you only know a little bit—whatever they’ve written in their résumés. In fact, not all résumés include the things that might actually be important to you. On the flip side, other people clutter up their résumés with unnecessary information. Both of these make it very hard to paint a clear picture of the person in front of you.

Traditional Hiring Methods Are Unreliable

Résumés are notoriously unreliable when it comes to highlighting a candidate’s skill set, strong points, and areas for improvement. They also don’t show you what kind of worker they are. Do they have the ‘Work hard, play hard’ mentality or the ‘Work/Life balance” mentality? This is why many hiring managers go into interviews expecting one thing and come out  disappointed when the candidate doesn’t live up to their expectations. Or worse, the candidate has all the skills needed and are hired, but then the company culture is a terrible fit for them and they quit. Thus, enacting the cycle again.

Considering the Science Behind Hiring

The best way to avoid the drawbacks of traditional hiring is to have as much information about your candidate as possible before the interview.

  • Social Media: Imagine a scenario in which you’re not only looking at résumés of people on job boards. In today’s market, with low unemployment, your best candidates are likely not actively job searching. Instead, what if someone were to go where the candidates are naturally, like social media platforms? 
  • Testing: Additionally, what if these candidates were also given a test with over 100 questions to help determine their cognitive skills, personality traits, their level of integrity, and the type of company culture they’ll thrive in?
  • Screening/Interviewing: Lastly, what if the candidate has already been phone-screened and interviewed in person before they ever set foot in your company?

This method is superior because it considers the science behind hiring.

Increasing Convenience and Saving Time

It’s safe to say that if such a candidate was presented to you, there’s a much higher chance that you would find them to be a great fit your position (and company) right away. We take it a step further though, and present you with a blended variation of the top 3-5 candidates so you can decide which aspects and person would be the best fit. As a business owner, this would save you time, energy, and peace of mind. 

Contact us for more information about hiring new people for your company, and download our free whitepaper “Perfecting the Perfect Hire” below!

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