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It’s a no-brainer that today’s companies have trouble meeting their talent needs. To the newcomers to temporary staffing, it doesn’t make sense. Why do we have so many college-educated youngsters working at Starbucks and in hospitality? Why do we recruit so many math, science, and technology professionals from overseas? Is it just the way life is in America today?

Looking at the Problem

The underlying problem is that how we prepare young people for the jobs of the future doesn’t match the opportunities that will exist when they finish their education. When students graduate, they must compete for limited jobs, and they often choose to live with their parents. They can’t afford to repay their student loans. This has created many economic problems, one of which is that members of Generation Y and Millennials aren’t buying many new homes. This trend affects the building industry and the growth of property values. In this economy, it makes sense that companies of all sizes often choose to outsource the staffing function. Through a partnership with external staffing experts, they have less administrative overhead.

Working With a Staffing Franchise

When companies decide whether to hire a staffing franchise, it helps to think about what motivates job hunters. Karsten Strauss’s recent Forbes article explained it this way: “On average, the two most important factors that influence a career decision in all surveyed markets were the ‘type of work’ and ‘compensation,’ at 56% and 54% respectively. “ 

Furthermore, Strauss reported that “nearly six out of ten candidates believe that what they do is as important as how much they get paid.” These are powerful statistics that affect the staffing industry.

The Takeaways

By outsourcing some or all talent recruitment, employers can respond to what today’s jobseekers want. In the U.S., they are concerned about the type of work, but they also want to be compensated at the right rate. Here are some ways that a staffing firm can benefit your company and enable your full-time staff to focus more on core competencies: 

1. Set pay scales to fit the local market. Like most businesses, your company operates on a tight margin, but you can set compensation at or above the average hourly rate for the type of work in question.

2. Offer flexible schedules. Staffing firms can recruit a combination of temporary and long-term workers, many of whom want a flexible workday. You might choose staffing experts to recruit and hire labor that augments your full-time staff during the busiest seasons of the year. Add part-time people to cover the busiest times of the day and the busiest days of the week.

3. Offer higher pay in lieu of benefits. This approach has worked in the nursing field for years, especially for travel nurses. Since the onset of Obamacare, today’s workers can choose benefits through the national marketplace. They aren’t limited to the types of plans that prospective employers offer. With higher wages, part-time workers and temporary workers can purchase adequate health insurance benefits.

4. Create advancement opportunities for workers who are sourced through staffing companies. The way that good workers end up on your payroll is less important than the contributions that they make. Enable staffing experts to promote working for your company by offering recruits rapid access to benefits, pay raises, and promotions. Give these incentives to people who might also work for outside companies. You want the best talent to stay on your payroll under the terms that work for them.    

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