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When individual and community health is on the front of every newspaper and website, it’s clear that wellness is a big topic in 2020. With a global pandemic causing a national crisis, many people are concerned about their overall health and what happens if they contract COVID-19. But there are more reasons to consider the health and wellness of your team. Here are the reasons that wellness matters and how to promote it in the workplace, even if your team is remote.  


WorkRelated Stress 

The workplace has long been a top cause of personal stress. And when it goes unchecked, that can lead to physical symptoms and health issues such as heart disease, high blood pressure, or stroke. For some people, working from home is less stressful, but for others, more. Providing access to tools to manage stress in their lives.  

Health Benefits


Now is also a good time to look at your current health benefits. What are you offering, and can you make any changes that would increase the efficacy for your employees and their family? You can also look at your policies, such as sick time, to ensure your employees will not feel additional stress if they or an immediate family member become ill.  


Access to Fitness Resources 

Gyms in many places are still closed, but people still need access to physical fitness. While you may not be able to provide gym memberships, you can encourage activity by sharing other resources with your team. For example, encourage them to do yoga at home or a virtual running challenge that they can do in their neighborhood.  


Mental Health Support 

Resources to manage stress are important, but so is access to mental health support. Especially right now, when we are faced with more challenges in our lives than ever before, many people may feel the weight of the situation more severely than others. What does your health insurance offer in terms of mental health support?  


Social Interaction  

Remember that many people got a lot of social interaction in the workplace. Without seeing their coworkers regularly, many may be feeling isolated. You can still offer a virtual water cooler experience by connecting your team via video conferencing or chat apps such as Slack. You still want them to feel like they’re part of the office community.  


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