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American employers continued a years-long trend of job growth in the last year, and they don’t look to be slowing down any time soon.

According to the latest Manpower Employment Outlook Survey, the net employment outlook in the United States is up 20% overall, “reflecting the strongest hiring intentions in 12 years.”    

If there’s a downside to America’s continuously positive job growth, the highest GDP growth since 2005, and a record number of job openings, it’s that employers are having to fight for workers like never before.

In a tight job market, what’s your edge?

Let Nextaff help you rise to meet the competition.

The X-Factor Process

Nextaff created X-FACTOR exactly for times like these. Whether you’re in manufacturing or mining, health or education, government or retail trade, the labor market is the strongest it’s been in more than a decade. To compete, you need more than a good benefits package to attract top talent. You need a scientific method to discover high quality candidates.

X-FACTOR is that method. 

Our X-FACTOR recruitment process allows for the quick and efficient review of countless resumes, detailed candidate assessments, and in-depth phone screenings. Compared to traditional methods of shuffling through stacks of resumes and wasting countless hours sitting through painstaking interviews with job-seekers who don’t even know what company they applied at, X-FACTOR is a revolution. 

This isn’t a cookie-cutter process. Nextaff does all the front-end work for you, but candidates are filtered based on specific guidelines for specific positions based on your stated needs. After multiple levels of job-specific testing, in-depth analysis, and applicant screening, we’ll recommend only the cream of the crop for a sit-down interview with you. 

If you’d like to keep the edge in an increasingly competitive job market using an intelligent candidate screening process, contact us today, and download our whitepaper, “Perfecting the Perfect Hire,” to learn more.

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