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The recruiting landscape is rapidly changing. With an increasingly expanding talent pool that grows every year as new graduates enter the workforce, recruiters and employers are inundated with lots of talent, both passive and active. That’s the good news. More talent than you know what to do with is always good news. The bad news, however, is that recruiters and employers don’t seem to know how to utilize all the talent or know how to capitalize on the passive job market. The old methods that relied heavily on a recruiter who typically sourced resumes and then cherry-picked “viable” candidates for an interview just aren’t effective anymore. At least not in an adaptable, comprehensive sense that will yield a good, long-term fit between the candidate and the company in our globally competitive marketplace. Enter the game-changer XFACTOR.

XFACTOR revamps the old recruiting methods, helping companies to hire quality talent that will stay. No more reliance on a single recruiter’s “subjective” opinion of what might be a good fit but rather allowing a methodological approach, real science, to help dramatically increase the chances of locating the right candidates with long-term potential. Some of the differences in this approach help detail why it surpasses its predecessor, the traditional recruiting approach.

  • Posting on job boards AND social media to attract both active AND passive candidates
  • Assess ALL candidates using a pre-hire EEOC-compliant assessment
  • Screening all PASS candidates through the candidate’s XFACTOR assessment
  • Utilizing additional screening tools to narrow candidates
  • Performing a STRUCTURED interview on final candidates
  • Performing drug screens and issue safety tests
  • Clients interviewing final QUALIFIED candidates

With a success rate of up to 5x greater than traditional, staffing supplier methods, it’s clear that a scientific approach to recruiting is indeed a viable solution to hiring quality talent. For more information on how to improve your hiring practices through a new and improved scientific approach, download our free whitepaper on Perfecting The Perfect Hire here. Contact us to learn more about the science behind hiring quality talent.