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People are your greatest asset.

Change is constant.

Since people are your greatest asset, and change is constant, it’s fair to assume that your greatest asset is people who can adapt well to change. Enter X-Factor.

X-Factor is our proprietary recruiting method that gives companies a competitive advantage by equipping them with personnel that are not only talented but adaptable. 

A flexible staff is invaluable to business and raises productivity, efficiency, and quality across your entire workforce. 

X-Factor identifies the best individuals for your staff by properly identifying, evaluating, and acquiring quality talent. 

Identify Talent

When we identify talent, we don’t just look at which individuals to evaluate from your pool of active applicants, we look at candidates that would be a great fit for your position from the other 85% of applicants. This passive pool increases your recruiting resources by 500% and drastically increases your chances of finding a qualified candidate.

Evaluate Talent

Our evaluation process is unique in that it doesn’t just filter out the candidates that are unfit for the positions you’re seeking to fill, it also highlights the candidates that could be potential superstars. These are candidates that traditional systems often overlook – candidates that often end up as rock stars in a competing organization. These candidates will shine, but if you miss them, it will be to your detriment. 

Acquire Talent

Acquiring and maintaining talent involves a minefield of paperwork and government regulations. Quality applicants are too valuable to risk losing over a missed signature. The X-Factor program will make sure that all recommendations and regulations are assessed and acted upon so that employees are free to bring the value to your company that you hired them to bring. 

At Nextaff, we are experts at implementing workforce strategies that allow employers to remain flexible and improve quality, efficiency, and cost control. We look forward to helping your business streamline this potentially tedious process, and hire the best people for your business today. Contact us for more information on building the team that will expand your brand and build your business for years to come.