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Sometimes, after narrowing down all of your job candidates, you’re stuck with a tough choice between two great potential employees. How do you choose? You don’t want to lose someone who’d make a great addition to your company. Here are some tips for choosing between two great candidates.

Think Long Term

Right now, both of them seem like a great option. Now take some time to separately envision each of them working at your company for months and years. Which one do you see as a better option in terms of employing them long-term? This will depend on their enthusiasm, how they fit your company culture, their career history (do they have a history of job hopping), their ability to grow and adapt, their skills, and much more.

Make a List

If you are still having a tough time, make a list of the positives and negatives of both candidates. Having them down before you on paper so you can easily compare both candidates can really help you gain a new perspective on the decision. Write down the potential pros and cons of hiring each one as well.

Do You Have to Pick?

This sounds like a silly question. After all, you’re only looking for one employee, right? However, take some time to think about whether hiring both would make sense for your company in terms of your budget, your current and future needs, and the potential ROI of hiring both (or lack of it).

Make Your Choice

At some point, you have to make your choice. Procrastinating is not an option; you’ll risk losing one or both of them to a competitor. After you make your decision, eliminate regret — it will cause problems in your relationship with your new employee.

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