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With over 20 years of experience in the staffing industry, NEXTAFF’s newest Franchise Owner Don Hay will be bringing his expertise to a brand-new location of our recruitment franchise in the beautiful city of Atlanta. His strong background in the world of staffing will prove to be an essential tool in his quest to provide Atlanta with staffing solutions for positions all the way from entry-level to management.

A graduate of Valdosta State University, Don earned his Bachelor’s degree in General Studies with an emphasis in Business Management, Human Resources, and Sociology – three areas of study that are essential for professionals within the staffing industry. Don has expressed his commitment to helping workers and professionals be paired up with jobs and positions that will best complement their given skillsets.

“I believe both employers and our associates are customers we have a commitment to serve,” Don said in a recent press release. “Throughout my career, I’ve built relationships and provided businesses with the quality people they need to get work done. Helping individuals make the most of their skills in the right jobs is just as important. I’m looking forward to using the tools NEXTAFF provides to make that ideal match between candidates and employers.”

client first recruitment franchiseOur “Client-First” Recruitment Franchise Approach

Don’s professional experience in the staffing industry combined with his passion for helping to match employers with the best candidates currently available made him a great fit for the NEXTAFF recruitment franchise team. Here at NEXTAFF, we utilize statistically proven hiring methodologies and back-office support that will allow Don to spend more of his time ensuring the satisfaction of his clientele. 

This emphasis on the satisfaction of clients is important for Don’s success – according to a 2020 survey of staffing firms, a whopping 45 percent reported that improving management of client relationships is their top priority. In prior years, candidate acquisition ruled as the top priority. However, due to the ongoing pandemic and inflated unemployment rates, finding available talent is less of an issue than it once was. 

Part of Don’s strategy moving forward as a recruitment Franchise Owner will be to remain conscientious of these kinds of changes occurring across all industries that have transpired as a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Don understands that being aware of how the job market and employment space has been altered is crucial for pairing the right staff to the right employers.

“Before COVID-19 hit, there were more jobs than people,” said Don. “In a lot of ways, that hasn’t changed. The industries or jobs may have shifted, but there is still a need to provide quality candidates and put good people to work.”

Projected Staffing Industry Growth for 2021 and Beyond

While the impacts of the pandemic on the staffing industry are undeniable, the industry remains poised for growth – and with Atlanta’s unemployment rate currently sitting around 8.6 percent, the city is more in need than ever of staffing solutions to help employers find the right candidates among such a large hiring pool. 

In terms of revenue, the staffing industry within the U.S. has seen fairly decent recovery following the drastic plummets seen during the early days of the pandemic. While early projections for 2020 estimated $119.4 billion in staffing revenue – a 21 percent decline from 2019 – the staffing industry is expected to bounce back in 2021 by at least a 14 percent increase

Ensuring the success of this new NEXTAFF recruitment franchise location will be no small task. However, equipped with his own knowledge and experience, as well as the support of the NEXTAFF team, Don is the ideal Franchise Owner to take on the task – and one that our co-Founders have articulated their utmost trust in.  

NEXTAFF co-Founder Cary Daniel expressed his confidence in Don’s abilities, noting that Don’s background and experience have covered a vast array of both varying industries and geographic locations which will ultimately help him to maintain a “significant competitive edge in the competitive Atlanta market” with his new recruitment franchise location.

“His partnership with NEXTAFF will give him the support and infrastructure he needs to serve the businesses and the community of Atlanta and the surrounding area,” Cary further states.

As for what areas of staffing Don will be concentrating on at his recruitment franchise location, he will primarily focus on staffing within light industrial, clerical, and call center placements. These will include positions within the realms of warehouse and manufacturing businesses. Moreover, these areas of the staffing industry may be some of the most lucrative in the coming year.

In fact, clerical and industrial staffing positions are projected to see some of the best revenue recovery within the industry in 2021 – with clerical and office staffing predicted to see a 25 percent increase and industrial staffing predicted to see around an 18 percent increase. Both of these increases will not only bring these areas of the industry back up to their original numbers from 2019 but indicate they will grow beyond the point of total recovery, making 2021 an ideal year to open a recruitment franchise like NEXTAFF in an area with high demand for staffing services.

Proven Success=Future Growth Potential for NEXTAFF Recruitment Franchise Owners

Although there are certainly new challenges that will arise as the city and professionals of Atlanta work to adapt to changing working environments brought about by the pandemic, Don remains optimistic thanks to his trust in NEXTAFF’s proven success. Building strong business connections will be a major part of his strategy moving into the future, as these connections will help to secure Don’s place in the Atlanta market. 

“We look forward to using NEXTAFF’s proven process to identify, evaluate, and acquire quality talent in the Atlanta market,” he says. “My goal is to establish quality partnerships with businesses looking for a higher level of candidate and service from their staffing provider.”

For anyone interested in entering the world of recruitment franchise ownership, NEXTAFF offers proven methodologies to help you succeed. Our overwhelming success rate and attentive support team make getting started a breeze, and the revenue is nothing to scoff at either – with an overwhelming success rate of employee placements, NEXTAFF Franchise Owners generate an average revenue of over $1.9 million and an average gross profit of over $394,000*, and report a median breakeven period of just seven months!

Get started today by visiting our recruitment franchise website and filling out our form to request a detailed franchise report, or by completing our brief, 5-minute confidential questionnaire and scheduling your initial call with our Franchise Development Manager. We look forward to hearing from new prospective Franchise Owners!

*Numbers obtained from our 2020 FDD

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