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You have a job opening! This position needs to be filled.

But how can you make sure you are connecting with the right candidates?

How can you be sure to hire quality talent?

This is a common obstacle many businesses face. Screening resumes and interviewing applicants is time-consuming, but making sure you get it right the first time around is key to avoid repeating this process time and time again. Onboarding a new hire costs time and money, and could potentially disrupt your company’s morale, as well as growth and development. Take your time and consider every aspect of what “quality talent” entails for your specific business.

It’s Not Only the Interview

Deciding whether or not you are about to make a good decision on who to hire should not solely be based on the applicant’s interview. It is crucial to consider two important aspects leading up to the interview as well. Consider the follow:

  • What did their resume look like? A quality candidate should have a well-formatted resume with relevant information. Do not waste your time calling in every single person that submits a resume- weed out the candidates that are not qualified. If they work job after job and display a pattern of “job jumping”, what is to keep them from quitting your company after only a month?
  • How was their phone etiquette? When you called to set up an interview did they answer with a pleasant tone, or did they sound annoyed until they realized it was a prospective employer? As a person that knowingly applied for jobs- they should be answering their calls with an inviting tone. Remember, this is a person that could potentially be answering the phones for your business.

Avoid the Hassle: Hire Quality Talent NOW

What if you could avoid the hassle of resume screening and interviewing underqualified applicants? What if you could increase the size of your recruiting pond by 500% and hire quality talent the first time around?

Here at Nextaff, we use a scientifically proven method to sift through the good, the bad and the ugly to improve your hiring success by as much as 5x. Nextaff uses a recruiting method, called XFactor, to create a customized roadmap for your business that will weed out the underqualified and leave you with only the finest applicants.

Imagine having only quality talent lined up at your door for a job…

For more assistance on finding the ideal hire for your business, download our free whitepaper on, “Perfecting the Perfect Hire” below. Or contact us today!

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