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Like an oracle, McKinsey & Company foreshadowed our current talent war and warned that “it will intensify.”  Truer words have never been spoken. Unemployment rates are at a historic low according to the U.S. Department of Labor, and most companies are in full battledress as they compete for quality talent.  Methodical recruiting practices that produce predictable results are important allies. With fewer job seekers, vacancies remain unfilled for longer periods of time.  The longer it takes to fill a position, the greater the temptation to cut corners: eliminate a question or two, shorten the length of an interview, check one less reference. Short-circuiting the interview process may improve your time-to-fill metric, but it won’t help you win the talent war.  

Under Pressure

The minute a job becomes vacant, the pressure to find quality talent begins to build.  It doesn’t take long before business goals slip under the weight of short-staffing. Hiring managers become frustrated with the tedium of the interview process, and team members grow weary of carrying additional duties left in the wake of the vacancy.  The longer the job remains unfilled, the better the chances for further attrition. Your star players have limited patience for what may seem like corporate dysfunction. They can lose confidence in the ability of leadership to solve the problem and begin to look for other opportunities.

No Fast Moves

It’s tempting to try to hasten the interview process by skipping steps.  But doing so will simply worsen the problem.  At best, mediocre candidates find their way to the hiring manager, creating further delays and frustration. At worst, you make a bad hire, creating a whole new set of problems that cost the company time, energy and further disruption.    

Trust the Process

The process is not the problem.  In fact, it’s the solution. A reliable, scientific recruiting method that produces predictable results is an important hedge against the risk of a bad hire.  X-FACTOR offers just such an approach through a systematic, streamlined method that generates reliable candidate data and ultimately facilitates good hiring decisions. To learn more about the X-FACTOR methodology, please contact us or download our free whitepaper, “Perfecting the Perfect Hire” below.

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