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For many first-time business owners, one of the things you’d probably really like to do is make a difference for your community. You might have an idea about charitable donations or hosting seasonal events in your future business, but what if you could open a franchise that really helped your neighborhood and the local professionals all around you?

That is exactly what starting your own staffing franchise can do. When you choose to make your new enterprise a staffing business, you’re doing so much more than opening a new restaurant or workout gym. You’re creating an institution where professionals can go to find real advice on finding their next job or shaping their career to match their goals. And a place where local businesses can reach out to find their next great employee. Here’s how your staffing franchise could help the community while also having an opportunity to grow into a profitable venture:

Reducing the Job-Board Runaround for Local Professionals

You’ve been in the working world for a few years, probably a few decades, and you know just how much trouble the job board scene can be. There are hundreds of jobs listed that no longer exist, but businesses haven’t bothered to take them down. There are hundreds more that are badly described, don’t have real contact information, or are honey traps made by manipulative commission-hungry recruiters.

This means that even with the widespread talent shortage, professionals still have a terrible time actually finding a real dream job and making it through the interview process. Your staffing franchise can help.

A staffing franchise can cut out the runaround by only handling real job openings for professionals on the search. Professionals who come to you for help can skip the runaround, remain safe from recruiter tricks, and find the next job of their dreams.

Connecting Businesses to the Skilled Employees They Need

Your staffing franchise is also an important resource for fellow local businesses. When a business in your neighborhood needs to find a staff member for a vital role, the time it takes to sort through the same job board nonsense can hurt productivity. But starting your own staffing agency could help.

Businesses who come to a staffing franchise to seek great new employees know that they can trust your network of professionals, unlike the stacks of resumes they get from recruiters. You can connect them to real people who you have met and personally vetted, saving companies the time and effort of the first two layers of interviews and ensuring that each professional is prepared for the position in question.

Guiding Professionals to Their Next Dream Job

Sometimes, professionals on the job hunt don’t know exactly where they want to go next. Maybe their last job was a dead-end or they’re ready to move on to better things, but they aren’t sure what to aim for. The experts working in your staffing franchise just might have the tools and mentoring ability to help local professionals find their next dream job, whether that’s a new managerial position or something that focuses on their favorite set of skills. Your franchise can provide personalized career guidance to help professionals not just find good jobs, but get into great jobs that they will love.

Providing Professional Development Mentorship

Your franchise will have the tools and resources necessary to help local professionals improve their skills and their chances of getting that great job they’re aiming for. Young professionals can benefit from a mentor building their resumes and writing cover letters while more experienced professionals may appreciate guidance on developing their skills to fit the jobs that are in high demand.

Professional development is not something every job-seeker is prepared to handle on their own, but your staffing franchise could help locals develop their skills and become more desirable employees for your local business clients.

Attracting Top talent to Your Region

Finally, your staffing franchise can even improve the prestige and appeal of your entire region by drawing in top talent and new businesses to the area. When finding a great job is easier through your organized efforts and when finding great employees is a guaranteed endeavor, your staffing business has the potential to lift up the entire community. New highly skilled professionals may choose to call your neighborhoods home because your staffing team helped them find a great local job. And new businesses may move in to employ dozens to hundreds of your neighbors when there is a staffing business available to ease the hiring process.

Starting a new local business could be a great achievement and an opportunity to do more than just be successful. With a staffing franchise, your work goes beyond just doing business and making a profit. You are also uplifting your community by making the job search easier for local professionals and connecting local businesses to the talent they need. For more on how to start your own staffing franchise, contact us today!