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The staffing market is saturated with startup companies, shiny applications, and colorful websites that claim to be the perfect solution to every employer’s hiring process. An employer has to look beyond the bells and whistles to honestly evaluate the value of each service offered. Many companies simply post a job opening on job boards and sift through resumes, adding nothing new. An employer can do that on his own so why pay for that?

Nextaff stands out in the sea of staffing services because we use the X-FACTOR, a scientific method to assist companies in hiring quality talent. This scientific evaluation uses an assessment comprised of one hundred questions that determine integrity, cognitive ability, and personality traits during the hiring process. These carefully crafted and detailed questions reveal integral components of an applicant that are not accessible through the traditional interview process. 


The X-FACTOR methodology asks targeted and precise questions that determine a candidate’s integrity level in the workplace. Candidates must answer the questions rather than avoid the subject or give a non responsive answer in an interview. The information extracted during the examination is key to determine how a candidate would perform in the role. 

Cognitive Ability

It is difficult to assess cognitive ability solely based on a resume and a short interview. Our evaluation gauges the cognitive strength of the applicant with its extensive questioning, creating a deeper and more authentic survey. If someone is not intellectually capable for a position, our hiring process flags that immediately. 

Personality Traits 

Different jobs require different types of social and communication skills. The dozens of questions, specifically designed to evaluate personality traits, distill a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses. Furthermore, our X-FACTOR questions determine if a candidate would fit into the culture of the company. An applicant attempts to display positive and appealing personality traits in an interview, but our comprehensive questioning ensures the applicants actually possess the personality traits required for the specific demands of the role. 

Hiring quality talent is simple with the Nextaff X-FACTOR hiring process. Download our free white paper on “Perfecting The Perfect Hire” below!

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