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If your company has been struggling to find the right candidates for positions, you might be feeling frustrated. You might be wondering if the ideal candidate is even out there. If you are struggling to find the right person or people for the job, the problem might be that you are failing to appeal to the right type of candidates. If you want to hire quality talent, you need to appeal to quality talent. According to a recent Glassdoor study, some of the top qualities candidates are looking for in a company are competitive salaries, benefits, and commute time. 


According to the study, 67% of job seekers consider salary to be an important factor in their decision to apply for a job. Quality candidates are going to be more picky about their salaries and benefits. Do your research, learn what your market is offering and adjust your salary accordingly.  Here’s the thing: Hiring the right person the first time will save you money in the long-run. If you hire someone to fill the void and ‘hope it works out’ you’re likely setting yourself up for costly failure. 


62% of job seekers want to know a company’s benefits. Make sure those applying for your job understand what your company has to offer. Do you lack in dental/vision plans but offer more than average PTO? Do you offer gym reimbursements? What about college-loan bonus incentive? These are all great things that will add value to the lives of your employees. If your company hasn’t typically offered much, now might be a good time to consider adding to the company benefits package so you can draw in quality talent. It’s not just about healthcare packages and base salary, more than ever the work force is prioritizing paid vacation time, career advancement certifications/courses, upward mobility opportunities, etc. Get creative.

Commute Time

Location and commute time are also important to job seekers. Letting people know about local restaurants or other places within easy walking distance of your company may draw in high-quality candidates, especially those from outside your area. You can also help with a candidate’s commute time by offering a flexible work schedule, including allowing them to come in earlier or later so they can skip rush hour traffic. When possible, you may even want to offer work-from-home options, which may allow the person to work at home and just come when the workload is larger, or even just once or twice a month.

Of course, once you’ve drawn in great candidates, it’s important to figure out who’s the perfect candidate for the job. Contact us to learn about finding quality talent based on the X-Factor. Also, be sure to download our free whitepaper on “Perfecting the Perfect Hire” below!

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