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The job hunting process can be daunting. No matter how old or experienced you are, it never gets easier. We have put together four foolproof steps for getting through the hardest part of your career search and get hired today. 

Writing a Great Resume – Your resume is your first impression. Remember, a real person will be reading your resume! Make sure it flows well, use complete sentences, punctuate properly, proofread!  If you’re using an online platform, use keywords. Some online platforms list resumes by qualifications, keywords like ‘data entry’ and ‘customer service’ may get you listed first. But not everything needs to be listed. The yard work you did over the summer may not be relevant for a desk job. Don’t be discouraged if your resume is short! Sometimes entry-level jobs are better filled by people with no experience. Your employer doesn’t have to worry about you unlearning bad habits from old jobs, they can train you exactly the way they want you to be trained. If you’re handing in your resume in person, remember to dress well. If the boss thinks you don’t care, they won’t care either. 

The First Phone Call – Often overlooked, most employers see this as part of the interview. Assume every unknown call is your future employer and answer the phone professionally. If you have a silly voicemail message, change it! Answer with a smile, write things down, be enthusiastic. Having a good phone persona will set you apart from the rest before you even set foot in the building. If you miss their call, be sure to call them back promptly.

Acing The Interview – The interview is 90% body language. Dress well, sit up straight, don’t fidget, make eye contact, smile. Practice having a firm handshake, this is make-or-break for a lot of people. Ask questions! Some good examples are:“Is there any reason I wouldn’t be hired?” So you can address any concerns they might have about you. “What would you do differently here if you could?” This gives you an idea of what you should focus on bringing to the table. “What is your favorite thing about the company?” This question lets you end on a positive note and gets them associating you with positive thoughts about the company. 

Follow Up! – After your interview, send your interviewer a short and simple email. Thank them for meeting you, let them know it was great meeting them, wish them a nice day, leave your contact info at the bottom. Following up will make sure you’re fresh in their mind. Beware: ‘follow up’ does not mean ‘pester’. If you don’t hear back, they may have picked someone else. Don’t follow up more than once. 

Follow these easy steps and you’re sure to leave a lasting positive impression on your interviewer. The best thing you can do is believe in yourself! Nothing speaks louder than confidence. For more career advice, we suggest you read: 4 Tips to Get You Interview Ready5 Tips For Great References, and 3 Follow-Up Tips.

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