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Thinking about opening a staffing franchise? Wondering if you are cut out for it? Take a look at these five traits of a franchise owner. You might think first of qualities like leadership, financial savvy, and industry experience. Those are all true as well, but you might be surprised by some of these common traits. 

Independent, But Not a Loner 

Independence may be expected from someone willing to strike out on their own, but successful entrepreneurs know their strengths and weaknesses. They know when to ask for help and how to surround themselves with the best people. As a franchisee, they operate within the framework provided, while using their creativity to make the system work for them. 

Able to Learn from Mistakes 

A successful franchisee is a lifelong learner. They pay attention to what works and what doesn’t – course correcting as they go. They eagerly embrace training and guidance from the franchisor. They don’t dig their heels in stubbornly, allowing a small issue to become a significant problem. 

Adapts Well to Change 

Being adaptable is an essential quality for franchisees. As much as the franchisor will try to prepare you to operate your staffing franchise successfully, it’s impossible to anticipate every variable. Markets, economies and laws and regulations can change. It’s essential to be able to roll with the punches to find solutions to unexpected issues or bounce back from setbacks. 

Willing to Take Risks 

Opting for a franchise rather than going entirely on your own to run a business can remove some risk. It does provide a proven framework for your staffing firm, but it is a new business with all the attendant risks. A large percentage of new businesses fail or take years to become profitable. As a franchisee, you must be willing to accept those risks. 

Driven to Success 

Starting a business is hard work. To be successful must be determined, committed and competitive. It may take a while until you can fully staff your business, so you could be shouldering the burden alone for quite a long time. If you are passionate and work hard, you will improve your chances of success.  

Your enthusiasm alone will make you attractive to employers, candidates and the community you serve. 

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