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It may be. It depends on your mindset. Many people were left reeling by the pandemic and are still struggling to adjust, particularly if they are in a hard-hit industry. But others studied what was going on around them and looked for opportunities to pivot to new opportunities and invest wisely in their futures. Essential industries that never lost a step include healthcare, transportation, and some manufacturing, but the common element is the need for personnel for all of these. 

That’s why this is a great time to invest in a staffing franchise. 

Help the most successful businesses deal with overwhelming demand.  

Most companies were unprepared and understaffed for the sudden increase in business. They need to hire – fast – but they don’t have time to advertise, review resumes, interview and onboard – particularly at scale. They simply don’t have the bandwidth to keep up with this added responsibility and get their own work done. That’s why so many of them depend on staffing companies to do the legwork for them. As a staffing franchisee, you can step in and relieve their burden. And because a franchise is a one-stop-shop, you can hit the ground running a much faster than if you had to research and organize every aspect of starting a staffing company on your own. 

Help struggling companies. 

Companies whose business is slow may have had to downsize considerably. Working with a staffing firm can allow them to keep their full-time staff at bare-bones levels and bring workers in as needed. As a staffing franchisee, you can provide the resources and insight they need to ride out the storm. As an expert in staffing, hiring and workforce management, you can help them find the people they need quickly while avoiding the risks of layoffs if the economy takes a further downturn. 

Help companies getting back to business. 

This is one of the most challenging positions for companies to be in. Some businesses are ready to get back to work, but their employees are not. Whether it’s a lack of childcare holding them up or fear of exposure to the Coronavirus, people are opting to stay home. For employers who have work to get done, this poses a real dilemma. It’s one that you can help solve with your staffing firm. Temporary employees can step in to handle work until other workers are ready to step up. You can also offer suggestions as to what it will take to get employees back on the job. That could mean offering incentives like flexible hours to accommodate family obligations or communicating workplace social distancing and sanitation practices, so they know it’s safe to get back to work. 

Are you ready to step in and take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity? 

Ask yourself these questions: 

  • Have I identified a need driven by current market conditions? 
  • Can I offer a better alternative than current providers? 
  • Am I qualified to solve this customer problem? 
  • Do I have the support or infrastructure to address this need? 
  • Can I access to funding to tide me over until my business is profitable? 

Want to Learn More About Starting a Staffing Business of Your Own with NEXTAFF? 

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