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Staffing can be both a rewarding and challenging business. There is a wealth of opportunity, but also a ton of competition. Setting yourself apart from the competition is essential to your success. You can make your mark with exceptional service, by getting to know the local market and becoming an expert in a specific industry. You can also stand out by knowing what to look for in a staffing franchise partner.

Independence – and support

A staffing franchise gives you the benefits of owning your own business, with the resources of a much larger organization. It also reduces the guesswork involved in starting a staffing agency. Any problem or issue you encounter has likely been faced by others in your organization. Turning to them for answers can save you time, improve efficiency and reduce risk.

Name recognition

Consumers trust brands they know. It’s natural, when choosing between two businesses, to select the one with a name you know and a reputation you trust. A staffing franchise gives you the power of a national name in a competitive marketplace. You’ll enjoy all the benefits of being part of a large, national organization while retaining the flexibility to control and start a staffing business of your own!

Technology and support

As a franchisee, recruitment technology, back office support, marketing and business development resources. You’ll have national marketing and sales support, purchasing power and memberships with top industry associations that only come as a part of a large national network.

Make Your Staffing Franchise Stand Out from the Crowd with the X-FACTOR

What is the X-FACTOR? It is a proprietary recruiting method exclusive to NEXTAFF. When you join the NEXTAFF Staffing Franchise network, our X-FACTOR will help you stand out from the crowd and provide custom strategies to your clients.

Have Questions on Starting a Staffing Business of Your Own with NEXTAFF?

Want to learn more about staffing franchise opportunities? Are you a current NEXTAFF staffing franchisee looking to learn more about making the most of your staffing business? Contact us today! We would be happy to answer any questions you may have. At NEXTAFF, we’re building the future of the staffing industry.