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Staffing Shortages To Watch!

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In the commercial shipping industry, staffing shortages have been on the rise for years – and the concern is only going to grow. This situation arose partly from an organic shift in the marketplace towards purchases online, accelerated tenfold by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Gaps in the labor market have arisen for more factors than just one, however. Data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics show that more than 4.3 million people “voluntarily quit,” jobs in December 2021, just missing the record high from the previous month. 

On top of the consumer market, Millenials and Gen Z have previously been reluctant to join the warehouse workforce. Although in contrast to their slightly elder generation, the latter has shown more readiness to pick up warehouse work.

Statistics tell that Gen Z is upwards of 10% more likely to seek out transport work than their former. That being said, the market is also expecting a further decline in the workforce in the coming years. As of April 2022, transportation, warehousing, and utilities have seen the largest increases in job openings.

With so many moving parts, how can businesses stay on top of hiring in the current market? The aid of a liaison that can provide easy access to an available workforce becomes necessary. 


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Benefits of Working Alongside Franchise Agencies

In the summer of 2022, many industries, in general, are struggling to find the workers necessary to keep up with demand. Employment rates are still lower than they were pre-pandemic.

“As the U.S. economy continues adding back jobs after the pandemic recession, the staffing industry is playing a key role in getting people back to work,” said Richard Wahlquist, the president and CEO of ASA.

The global staffing industry revenue is $445bn, and in the US alone it amounts to over $130bn. There are a lot of reasons why staffing is one of the fastest-growing industries in B2B services. Candidates hired out of staffing agencies are typically more skilled, and ready to fill in for positions requiring years of experience.

When corporations and businesses face a prominent staffing gap, a common gut reaction can be cross-training existing employees to take on work for the missing labor. This is usually a costly mistake, however, leading to problems down the line – sometimes even resulting in more employees quitting!

The logical approach, when faced with seasonal staffing shortages, isn’t to stretch what you’re already working with, but to breathe new life into your workforce. This process is made immensely easier when partnering alongside a trusted and highly useful staffing agency.


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Consider the Temporary and Contracted Workforce

When dealing with summer staffing shortages, it’s key to look for candidates with more flexibility in their schedules. Having the right intention and motivation when hiring during these times will truly help in the long run.

Staffing agencies can help businesses connect with workers who are:

Recently graduated students beginning or working on their career paths

      • New graduates are always on the lookout for part-time work, and while they may move on to different work opportunities in the future, they make excellent employees due to a readiness to learn and improve.

Parents and caregivers seeking part-time work

      • During the pandemic, many parents found themselves opting for working from home to help their children with remote schooling. However, now more parents and caregivers are opting for new temp jobs to better align with changing family schedules.

Recently graduated students beginning or working on their career paths

      • Skilled individuals swapping careers paths needing work in-between

Employees brought on during such turbulent times can sometimes even outperform their colleagues. The desire to do one’s best seems to shine during the temporary employment period, which in some cases leads to permanent and much-needed hires.

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NEXTAFF Can Help Manage Your Needs in the Changing Climate

With staffing shortages on the rise and no end in sight, it’s increasingly imperative for staffing agencies to help close the gap. Franchising opportunities in the staffing sector are taking off like never before. With all the industries that are in decline, it is certain that the staffing market can only continue to grow.

Co-Founders Cary Daniel and James Windmiller have over 20 years of experience in staffing agency franchises and built NEXTAFF based on that professional expertise. Focusing on their personally crafted X-FACTOR method, Franchise Owners are set up for success in ways that will help them to outlive competitors. We provide all the training field support, while Owners can focus on their local market and what decisions will serve them best in the long haul.

NEXTAFF is proud to be part of the staffing business for sale journey. Franchise Owners that go with our model will see the profit in filling in the labor gaps. Visit our website today for more info on how to start a staffing agency today!


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