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Starting a staffing franchise relates directly to today’s hiring climate. In order to thrive, you need to understand where your clients — the businesses and professionals — are coming from and what they are looking for in a recruiting and staffing service. To do that, you’ll want to be up to date on the biggest staffing trends currently facing the hiring industry.

Right now, we are in the middle of the War for Talent, in which there are more positions available than skilled professionals to fill them. This has turned the tables so that employers are now courting candidates instead of the other way around. The War for Talent has shaped the hiring landscape so dramatically that you will see it’s influence in every one of the following trends. And if you can adapt your staffing franchise strategy accordingly, you could see results.

1) Employer Reputation

As companies compete for the most talented and skilled professionals, their reputations as employers have begun to matter a great deal. Professionals don’t want to work for a company known for long hours, abusive policies, or who ignore or belittle complaints. They do want to work for companies with great attitudes, benefits, and an active charity profile.

A company’s reputation as an employer is vital to their ability to hire. So you could have an opportunity to help companies improve that reputation through consulting and great hiring matches.

2) Cultural Fit

Cultural fit is something both employers and professionals care about deeply these days. Cultural fit is how well the personality and working style of a new hire matches the attitudes and working style of the employer. This can be anything from scheduling expectations to dogs in the office, so it is best to keep an open mind on what may or may not be a good cultural fit.

Ultimately, employers want new hires who will adapt quickly and enjoy the environment they’ve built. And professionals want a job that makes them feel comfortable, welcome, and secure.

3) Flexible Benefits

One of the major ways that companies are wooing talent is through flexible benefits. Gone are the days of standard packages. Professionals want schedules that fit well with their kids, healthcare benefits they’ll actually use, and workplace perks that really make employment more worthwhile.

In other words, the right benefits are different for each person. And employers are striving to find ways to offer more benefits options to their new hires. As a staffing business, you could help professionals find jobs with the benefits they need and help businesses craft the flexible packages that professionals really want.

4) Remote Work

Working remotely and telecommuting are now more possible than ever with the rise of wireless technology and cloud computing. There are now thousands of positions that can be filled by people who are at home or traveling. Many people only do remote work so that they can fit their work hours into other life priorities. While others enjoy telecommuting as an option to work from home a few days out of the week or month.

Employers have adopted remote work, mobile work, and telecommuting with varying enthusiasm. You can get a feel for how each company you work with approaches remote work, as this will also inform how wide of a net you can cast for candidates. Remember, completely remote work opens up distant professionals who will not have to relocate.

5) Workforce Reclamation

Finally, there is the constant effort of workforce reclamation. Part of the cause of the War for Talent is the rise of freelancing and outsourcing teams. Skilled professionals and self-taught gurus who would rather work for themselves contract out, but leave companies unable to fill internal positions. Then there are parents who left the workforce to raise their kids, veterans who left to serve the country, people with eventful lives, and the disabled who can’t attend traditional jobs.

In this massive shortage for talent, the ability to bring ‘lost’ workforce professionals back into the fold for either in-person or remote work is incredibly valuable. As a staffing business, if you can recruit freelancers and get moms working from home, you’re doing the entire business hiring community a huge favor and you might gain a reputation as a miracle worker for hard-to-fill positions.

If you’re thinking about starting a staffing franchise, staying up on the employment industry trends is an important way to stay ahead of the game. For more information about how to start a staffing franchise, contact us today! We’re eager to welcome new franchisees into the fold and add your skills to the staffing industry.