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If you’re excited about opportunities in the staffing industry, you may be weighing the features of more than one franchise partner or even wonder if opening an office without a franchise partner. Here are tips to consider in making your decision and being successful with starting a staffing business.

Consider if being a business owner is for you. The idea of calling all the shots is tempting, but it also means that everything is ultimately your responsibility – from hiring employees to remaining compliant to driving revenue. If you’re ready to take the next step, this is what to look for.


The ideal partnership is a blend of independence and support. The purpose of working with a staffing franchise is access to a sort of business in a box. You have a right to expect to feel like they have thought of everything. By the same token, if they have too many rules you’re supposed to follow, you may wonder if it was worth leaving the corporate world.


Look for a staffing franchise that will offer a protected territory in a desirable area. Research the available territory to ensure there is plenty of opportunity and that it’s not oversaturated with other staffing firms.


Compare what each company has to offer in terms of technology, training and back office support. Look at the marketing and business development resources that are included. Ask what industry associations you have access to through the organization.


You are placing your livelihood in the hands of the staffing franchisor to a degree. Look at reviews to get an idea of their standing in the communities where they have a presence. Research them online to see what praise and complaints they receive.

Trust your gut

How do you feel when interacting with the franchise contacts? Do they answer questions readily and thoroughly? Do they offer plenty of references? Call other franchisees to ask about their experiences – the pros and cons of working with the franchises you are considering. If possible, visit an existing franchise in person to get a feel for what it’s really like.

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