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Our Affordable Franchise Investment

NEXTAFF is the best way to invest in an affordable franchise.

For years, staffing companies have provided affordable labor for businesses. NEXTAFF is the best way to invest in an affordable franchise. We are a franchise that offers affordable prices and provides opportunity for anyone with a passion to help business owners to grow their own company.

Investment with NEXTAFF starts at $5,000 to get you up and running. Compared to other staffing franchises, our low startup costs make it easier than ever before to get into this growing industry. 

Investment In NEXTAFF

The investment required to start a NEXTAFF franchise depends on the location of your store. There are different costs associated with opening a new outlet in an urban and suburban area versus opening inside or outside malls.

 To start a franchise with NEXTAFF, all you need is:

    • Store Investment
    • Inventory Investment
    • Franchise fee + reimbursement of travel expenses to attend the initial training program
*Store investment cost may vary depending on the store’s location and the size of the store included in it. However, if you choose the affordable franchise NEXTAFF, you’ll see a lower startup cost than other staffing franchises.

How NEXTAFF Compares

At NEXTAFF, our affordable startup is partially because we are a virtual administrative franchise and don’t operate any brick-and-mortar locations. This means lower overhead costs for you and affordable franchising fees.

However, to ensure your success as a NEXTAFF franchisee, you’ll need to spend money on training and tools, and on back-office services such as hiring virtual assistants and outsourced bookkeeping.  Total startup costs average around $185,000, affordable for most entrepreneurs with small businesses looking to invest in a franchise opportunity.

Most competitors require you to have a non-refundable franchise fee of more than $35,000.  This doesn’t include the cost of your actual brick-and-mortar retail locations or training fees ranging from $10K-$15K.  Not only do these franchisors charge far more money for you to become an owner, but they expect you to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars before actually making money.

Benefits Of Franchising
In The Staffing Industry

The staffing industry is more prominent than ever. Not only are there more companies in the industry, but just about any business can benefit from adding a little bit of manpower.

One of the best things about franchising in the staffing industry is that it allows entrepreneurs to get into a business they might otherwise not have been able to enter. 

Nextaff also makes franchising economical for most people because there is no significant initial investment required. It allows employees to have options. Since there are so many people looking for jobs in today’s economic landscape, a business can get a wide variety of applicants from which to choose. 

If you are looking into different franchise opportunities, this might be just what you have been searching for! 

What Makes NEXTAFF Different?

The low initial investment makes a NEXTAFF affordable franchise an attractive choice for entrepreneurs.

Low Initial Investment

The initial investment needed to franchise with NEXTAFF is affordable compared to other franchise options. 

NEXTAFF is an affordable franchise with low fees.

Low Fees & Affordable Pricing

To make starting a staffing agency affordable, the franchise fee is only $7,500. The monthly support rate of approximately $500 per month also helps keep costs low for new owners. 

Starting an affordable franchise with NEXTAFF is perfect for those looking for flexible terms.

Flexible Terms

With NEXTAFF, franchisees will be able to adjust their monthly fee as they see fit.

NEXTAFF is an affordable franchise with low risk to start.

Low Risk / Affordable Solution

With the NEXTAFF franchise, there is no long-term contract involved with becoming an owner. Many companies in the staffing industry require the business owners to sign on for five years, which can be a substantial investment. With NEXTAFF, owners will only be required to sign on for one year at a time. 

Even though NEXTAFF requires its franchisees to put an initial fee down, there are still affordable monthly fees with this reasonable cost of entry! So, if you are looking for an affordable way to get involved with a new franchise or even start your own business from the ground up, then NEXTAFF might be right for you.

Get Started Today

If you are looking at franchising, this affordable franchise could be the perfect fit for you. Your next step should include researching what kind of company culture is fostered by working with low-cost franchises versus other companies.

If this sounds like something that you would be interested in learning more about, request more information today!

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