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Buying a franchise location could be one of the best and fastest paths to becoming a business owner. Maybe you already have a franchise or two under your belt, or maybe this is your very first venture into business ownership. No matter where your starting place is, choosing the right industry and franchise brand is one of the most important decisions you can make at this phase. After all, you want a business that you could inherently understand and one that could give you an opportunity to enjoy running as the leader of your team.

Today, we’re here to discover if the staffing industry could be the right direction to take your entrepreneurial dreams. Are you the right fit for staffing? And is staffing the right fit for you? 

1) You Have Corporate Business Experience

The key element of the staffing industry is connecting local professionals with open roles in nearby businesses. Sometimes, you may help professionals find roles far away, or you may help distant professionals find a local role and will relocate to accept the position. All of these interactions involve a basic understanding of how the corporate hiring process works.

While you will be able to employ a team of hiring experts who know how to write resumes and connect with HR departments, it might help to be able to use your own experience to draw upon as you captain your company. If you have experience in the corporate business world, you may already have the necessary insights into how hiring and staffing are done.

2) You Know How to Talk to HR and Hiring Managers

For many first-time staffing franchise owners, it quickly becomes apparent that your own experience as a working professional, and possibly as a hiring manager yourself, can give you an edge in building your network and making those first professional connections. Your own working experience can also give you an edge in the realm of connecting professionals to positions and helping them skip the run-around.

If you’re well-versed on the phone, have dealt with HR departments in the past, and know how to talk to hiring managers then you could already be ahead of the game.

3) You Like to Help People

One of the biggest motivators for starting a staffing agency is the drive to help people. A well-run staffing business has the potential to do worlds of good for both local job-seeking professionals and businesses who are struggling to fill key positions. Your staffing team and growing expertise may help you help others to get the jobs they need, find their dream jobs, and keep businesses running smoothly with vetted talent and great employees.

If you like to do good and enjoy the feeling of networking to the benefit of others, staffing could be a great choice for your franchise business.

4) You Remember What Entry-Level and Job Searching is Really Like

Empathy is another big part of running a staffing business, or it can be if you choose to be a hands-on owner. The professionals that come to you are each facing a unique and personal challenge to find the right job, to find the job fast enough, or to build their resume with a future career in mind. You can help find and solve the pain points on their job-search journey by remembering what it’s like to be an entry-level young person, or a skilled professional struggling to cut through the job board rubbish and recruiter run-around.

You know what these professionals are going through, and you can likely identify more than a few ways that starting a staffing agency in your area could make these normal job-search struggles a bit easier.

5) You’re Ready to Be a Business Owner

If you’ve been nodding along to every point, then there’s only one question left: Are you ready to open your own franchise and become a staffing business owner? To do this, you’ll need the freedom to run the business, startup capital to get off the ground, and a few highly skilled lieutenants in mind to help you open up shop. If you’ve got the experience, the compassion, and the know-how, then you might just be ready to start your own staffing business.

Becoming an entrepreneur is all about making the right decisions early and sticking to your guns. If staffing sounds like the franchise industry for your entrepreneurial dreams, contact us today! The NEXTAFF team is eager to welcome new franchisees into the family.